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A few hundred years ago, an enterprising Englishman opened an inn on a road frequented by pilgrims and crusaders on their way to and from foreign lands. Reasoning that crusaders and pilgrims must have money to be able to travel, he named his inn “God Encompasseth Us" to encourage their patronage.

As crusades and pilgrimages became scarcer, thirsty locals came to the pub and the quality of its ales became legend. The locals, however, were not as literate as the pilgrims or crusaders, and the unwieldy name of “God Encompasseth Us" doesn't lend itself well to pictorial signage. Over the next couple hundred years the name devolved into “Goat & Compass" which although less reverent, works on a sign.

The tradition of brewing in England predates the Roman invasion. Pale ales have been produced there since the Dutch introduced the use of hops as a preservative, allowing the use of paler, less acidic malts in beer. Of course, the British perceive beers as “pale" only in comparison to their own porters and such, not in comparison to American nothing lagers. At 217 Brew Works, we have continued this tradition and created Goat & Compass, named for this venerable English pub. Goat & Compass is a deep golden brew with toffee flavors matched resolutely by classic English hops.

We hope that you will make a pilgrimage to your local pub and join the crusade against run-of- the-mill megabrews by enjoying a pint of Wilson's own Goat & Compass English Pale Ale.

And may God Encompass You on Your Journey.

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A classic brew with aggressive British-style hop character elegantly matched by a rich toffee maltiness. This ale is named for an English pub originally called “God Encompasseth Us."

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