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Tomorrow night is another Open Mic Night w/Jimmy Sink Pizza.

Last week we had over 25 of Jimmy's Pizzas consumed..... for FREE.

I know you all love the FREE part of this every other Monday event and sure you can appreciate that it has become both lots of work and lots of out of pocket expense for Jimmy.

We are going to try something a tad bit different tomorrow night. We will not charge for the pizza but we will have a donation jar set up for all who want to contribute.

Half of the proceeds will go to Jillian's Pantry... the program that our Monday Night Beer Tender, and most Excellent 3rd grade teacher, Jillian Sherman created to stock snacks for the kids in her class. Jillian understands that kids are more alert and engaged in learning when they are not hungry. She has been providing these snacks with her own money.

The other half of the proceeds will go to "Jimmy's Pantry" to help with the cost of the ingredients to make these great pizzas.

We hope you will continue to support this event. Come out for some great beverages, pizzas, music and friends at this weekly community event.

See you tomorrow night... and remember to bring a performance artist friend with you.

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