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Well.... so this happened....

Our beer has been so well received in our Taproom (aka: The Stable) that folks wanted to see it in other places that offer beer on tap.

We had planned on getting our kegs sold outside of the brewery in the 2nd quarter of this year (2017) but the demand hit us sooner than expected.

We are proud to say that with just over 3 months of operation we are now in 6 locations in Wilson and Nash Counties with about 6 other locations very interested in offering our beer on tap.

Right now, in Wilson and Nash Counties, our beers are on tap at the following locations:

Heroes - Historic Downtown Wilson

The Beer Store - Historic Downtown Wilson

Silver Lake Restaurant - Wilson

Daniel's Fine Dining - Wilson

Loureda's - An American Table - Rocky Mount

Prime Smokehouse - Rocky Mount.

We have conducted tastings and visits to our brewery with a number of other restaurants, organizations, and clubs that are interested in offering our beers.

For example, we will be hosting, on April 1, 2017, a Members Event for the Wilson Country Club in the Stable at 217 Brew Works. Their Chef is pairing our beers with a special dinner and desert menu for the event.

We sincerely thank everyone for their support and interest in offering our beers at their facilities.

We look forward to working with you and many others as we continue to Support the Cause of Craft Beer.

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