Brewery News
Brewery News and Plans, Brewery Construction Progress, and Brewmaster's Pintification

We are getting closer and closer to the vision for 217 Brew Works. Wilson's first production craft brewery located in Historic Downtown. Our mission is to Support The Cause Of Craft Beer in our local community and surrounding counties.

Permit application was submitted yesterday and we received emails confirming it was received and being processed.

The 10 bbl system is going to be ordered before the end of this month (Feb 16).

We are collecting proposals from plumbers and electricians for the up fit of the interior of the building.

Work on the interior should begin in earnest in March.

We appreciate all of the encouragement from our friends and craft beer lovers in the region.

We are focused on an early September opening as long as the weather and construction permits allow.

We are most proud to be a part of the area to be known as Whirligig Station which includes South Street Visions LLC, 217 Brew Works, Vollis Simpson Whirligig Park, and the Restoration of the High Dollar Warehouse with its planned 91 apartments, two restaurants, and retail shops and the Whirligig Welcome Center.

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