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Another crazy but good day at 217.

Electricians are finishing up the connections for the grain room, bathrooms, and bar area. Plumbers installed bathroom fixtures, main water heater, and started the work on the bar sinks and tap drains.

Received the glass washer and realized we miscalculated the size of the area behind the bar to install it. Framers will correct the problem today. Tom Williams continued his great painting service to the cause by working in the bar cooler door.

John Kater started testing the glycol system. I continued the finish work on the bar top. Mr Ruffin's team installed the fire department key box on the front of the building. Here is hoping they never have to use it.

A local life long resident of Wilson came to visit and showed us an article in the local paper of the buildings and business they housed from 1931.

He really appreciated seeing this historical block in Downtown Wilson restored.

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