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Lew Bryson at All About Beer Magazine had a thoughtful article in the September issue about stepping out of your comfort zone and trying something new.

“...We changed the world! We brewed and we bought and we built a beer market that stood the old one on its head, from light lager everywhere to the possibility of stouts, bocks, lambics, pale ales, porters, altbiers, smoked beers, real ales, pilsners, imperial stouts, kölsches, kellerbiers, milds and bitters, even things we’d never heard of, like goses and grodziskies …

Try something different... IPA is a playground; it’s not a prison."

All About Beer Magazine

You can make the Brewmaster happy by clicking through to read the article and share it with your friends. I also hope you will take the opportunities presented at 217 Brew Works and try something you've never tried on your next visit.

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